20 Minute Face Lifting Masque (with *Acetyl Hexapeptide™ & **Vitanex™)

The Non-Surgical alternative to lifting, tightening and toning the skin while reducing the visible signs of aging!

Easy and convenient to use:
No measuring No mixing No mess No harmful chemicals No perfumes

“I’ve been using your skincare formulas for over 2 years, and as expected, this new face lifting masque exemplifies your high standards in products and the way they perform. My face keeps looking better and better. Thank you…again!”
Jan S. / San Diego, CA

“As an Aesthetician with access to numerous skincare products, I can honestly say I have used many facial masks trying desperately to find one that works. I can not tell you how thrilled I was when I tried your 20 Minute Face Lifting Masque, It not only did everything you said it would, it did so much more…It helped to bring impurities to the skins surface, it is a great moisturizer, and as a bonus, it minimizes the appearance of large pores. If there is a down side at all, it is that I am spoiled and I truly never want to be without it. I can not wait to see what other products you will be bringing to us.
It is wonderful to have found a Skin Care line with products that produce such great results and are of such high quality, my searching days are over...Finally....Thank You so Much!

Linda A. / Aesthetician / Port Orange, FL

“We’ve been selling your Anti-Aging skincare products in my spas for almost 4 years and are so excited about the 20 Minute Face Lifting Masque and what we’re experiencing. You’ve made us aware of our responsibility to offer effective, safe and healthy products to our clientele and we are extremely pleased with the results!” We sincerely thank you.
Natalie D. / Spa Owner / Mexico

Men need good products for their skin too. My husband and I use your creams regularly and we certainly see the difference. The 20 Minute Face Lifting Masque is great, as are all your products, and I saw (and felt) a difference the first time I used it! I suffer with allergies and also love the fact that you don’t have perfumes in your products. Thanks from both us.

Katherine L. (age 56) / Mission Viejo, CA

Facing the difference
Superior Aloe Vera gel-based masque combined with exceptional humectants, botanicals, and vitamins to help nourish and hydrate the skin while refining the pores and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This advanced antioxidant formula contains ingredients that impart anti-aging properties to encourage new cellular growth and stimulate the production of collagen as it tightens, tones and increases circulation. Helps ‘deep clean’ the skin by drawing out impurities that lead to problem skin.

Our Commitment to Excellence:
Innovative Formulas Exceptional Ingredients Cold processed Aloe vera base Vitamins Botanicals Antioxidants Humectants
Advanced Technology
Breakthrough Discoveries Scientific Studies

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